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Electrical Safety Gloves 1.000 V

Electrical Safety Gloves 1000 V, Art.No.614

  • DIN EN 60903, Categorie C, Class 0, Category RC
  • Material: Natural Latex
  • Test voltage: 5.000 V (A.C), max. Use Voltage: 1.000 V (A.C)-1.500 (D.C.)
  • Test flash arc Boxtest Class 2+3, protect against Acid, Oil and Ozone
  • Finish: long gauntlet, straight edge, working voltage 1.000 V AC
  • Length: 360 mm
  • very good flexibility
  • very good touch
  • good grip
  • the ergonomic design increases comfort
  • the glove is soft and can be easily put on and taken off
  • straight edge
  • when storing the gloves we recommend our padded protective bag → Art.No.612
  • It is recommended for absorption hydrates the skin and better ventilation to use fold in gloves → Art.No.620

  • Applications:
    Production, Transport, Transformation and Distribution of Electricity, Railways, Telecommunications, Construction, Installation and Maintenance of Photovoltaic systems, Hybrid Car Batteries, etc.
Class Size weight / g Norm
0 10 310 1000V
minimum order quantity: 1 piece = 1 selling unit (LE)

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Electrical Safety Gloves 1.000 V
Please select from these 3 article options:
Art. No.Electrical Safety Gloves 1000 VPriceQuantity
614 - 10 EUR 49.34
plus shipping

612Protective Bag for Safety Gloves EUR 19.35
plus shipping

620Liner undergloves one size fits allEUR 4.83
plus shipping


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